Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Fingers are knackered!! lol been trying to get all my stuff back into Turbo Lister to upload back up to ebay - it wasnt so bad as we managed to download some stuff from ebay into Turbo Lister! but TLC have recently brought out some new stock - which is great! so i have been putting all of that into Turbo Lister! alot easier this time as i got their photo CD! much better pictures!

I'm sat here also watching the programme on tele about the Princes Trust - very interesting! wish i'd have thought about that a fair few years ago now :) i've just been doing some admin on my card making forum! its amazing how much time it takes sometimes - but i enjoy it to bits!!

I've also been packaging up my handmade flowers baskets and putting header and hanging tabs on them, and of course playing with my new price gun :) all great fun! i want to be well organised and ship shape ready for the craft fair next month :) I suppost i should be thinking of tidying up and putting the dishwasher on... but... im beginning to feel like poo - probably getting DD's cold that she seems to have developed over the past couple of days - i've had a headache all day and my throat is still feeling funny! ah well! as long as she is not in the bed again - so i can actually get some sleep - i dont mind!! :)

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