Friday, May 26, 2006

Raindrops Keep Falling!

Another miserable day here in Wiltshire!!! DS2 is off school today with a tummy bug! which is typical, seeing as it is the last day of term and they are on holiday next week! the trouble is he keeps on that he is hungry! but its best to starve his belly at the moment. I cannot see that i am going to get anything much done today at all!! On the ++ side, Aunty's Forum has got another Sponsor - which is fantastic! a fabby looking NEW Crafty Site! Tonight it the monthly raffle in the forum - last night was the bingo! which was one by Aunty's Member Julie - so well done to her! i know she has been after the bingo trophy for a while and should receive a fabby little prize from this months Bingo Sponsor who is

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