Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rainy Days & Sundays!

It's absolutely chucking it down today :( having a busy morning, have done the washing, got some drying in the tumble dryer - far to wet out for washing, no heating on to put it on the radiators! have been trying not to use it so much - but it's a must as it has the boys school uniform in it! last week at school this week as they break up for half-term on Friday :( deep joy lol watch the Princes Trust thing last night - which was quite good and then switched over to see Finland win the Eurovision - quite like the song and the music was pretty good (years of being educated in Heavy Metal by my hubby and also by following our friends around as they were in a local Metal Band called "Severance" - plus Hubby likes Ozzy Ozbourne, Deep Purple, Metallica etc, went to Donnigton one year just after we met - to see Ozzy and several others, this was before his come back! it certainly was an experience (never been to a Rock Festival before then) although, not one that i'd wish to repeat ... lol

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