Friday, May 19, 2006

Wet, Windy, Windy and Wet!!

Blimey!! almost got blown away on the school run this morning!! chucking it down as well - and not into the hall as is normal on a wet day - so we were stood - trying to keep ourselves upright waiting for the bell and for the kiddies to be let in!! Haven't really got a lot planned today! my wrists are still aching after playing with my hot foil machine! postie has just been and delivered some goodies! some handmade soaps that smell gorgeous and my piece of cloth to go over the table at the craft fair - well happy with that :) time for a coffee me thinks before deciding on what to do today! DH will be finishing at 1pm so - best get on and get a few things done! that is if DD will let me :) The picture is a card i have made for DH's Nanna - whose birthday it is next week! she's into her 90's now :)

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