Friday, August 25, 2006


We have been so busy lately with one thing and another that i have completely forgotten to post on here!! We have just had, what would have been poppy's 1st birthday - we went and visited her grave and left some flowers and a little flower fairy for the month of august! i cannot believe that a year has passed already!! I have been working on a new shop, i easily get bored with shops but hopefully this one will do the job! it's an oscommerce shop which hubby has modified for me! he is pretty good and is currently working on another for someone! The Forum has been a pain this week with our old hosting a bit temperamental, so we have moved it to a new hosting company in the UK!! fingers crossed this one will be more reliable! and I also registered it with the name as well! Only one more week left of the summer hols and then its back to school for the kiddies (yippee) well, 2 of them any way!!

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