Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Auction's Away!!!!

I'm really excited now that Aunty's Auction site has become live!!! We have been planning it for ages and searching for just the right type of site, as we wanted people to be able to have their own little shops on it!! we've done some tinkering and the colours may change slightly, but it's all up and running since last week!!, we've already got 21 members, which is fantastic!! we've kept the fees as low as we can, enabling people to use it and special deals are there for members of Aunty's Forum as well! also we had done it that everyone who signs up gets £5 credited to their account, no fees for pictures, 5 free relists, only 10p per item listing fee, no end of auction listing fee too!! As for the shop, i have been really busy adding more stock!, have just taken a delivery of some fabby new ribbons too! as well as some brads and tools and storage!! Next week is the craft workshop in Chippenham and i have been busy coming up with my own card kit to try on the ladies (hope it will be successful!!) so i have been busy putting those together and sorting out instructions!.

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