Friday, October 26, 2007


It's Friday already! totally forgot to blog yesterday, too busy, took Baby V for her checks and first jabs, she wasn't too bad, had a little cry but otherwise was brilliant, the Doc had a trainee with him so was pointing out a few things to the trainee as she was being such a willing patient!

One of the things i made for a present FINALLY turned up at its destination, I hope the other one got to where it was suppose to be going ok, will have to wait and see! Here is a picture of the one that i do know has turned up, i made it for my friend Ri, which as it happens, she needed cheering up (which i didn't know about) and she said that this really made her day! :)


Emma said...

Sally it's lovely, it must have cheered her up no end. x

Storm said...

ooh it looks very "Ri" I bet she was over the mooon, It's fab

fee said...

I love it, the colour and everything x