Friday, November 02, 2007

Bloomin Nora!

Sales Peeps - can't stand em! last night was classic, had Safestyle UK (you know those bogoff jobbies) come round to give us a quote for some windows, that we may get replaced next year, took bloody ages to get rid of the bloke and in the end i had to get quite brutal with him as he wanted us to agree and sign last night, i told him several times over, it didn't matter what rock bottom price he could have done if we signed last night, there was no way we were going to, so he started talking to OH as if i wasn't there, told him quite bluntly that he could persuade OH all he likes, at the end of the day the decision was mine and the answer was NO! - now BOGOFF!!!!!!!! ROFL :)


Julie said...

lol I'm a mug with things like that...........I've only had two salesmen through my about about a new kitchen.....I succumbed both times........I'm so weak pmsl

Rosie said...

It's so hard to get rid of them... the last time one called he tried to sell us a bed on the pretext of doing a sleep survey. As we weren't remotely interested in buying an all-singing, all-dancing bed, he left after about an hour!