Saturday, March 29, 2008

Changes, Changes

I've been playing with my blog template and header, i've changed it soo much over the past couple of days........... still not sure if i like it yet! :)

It's been pouring with rain here all day! so the kids haven't even had chance to get outside and burn off some energy. Sat down tonight and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the one with Johnny Depp in it, hadn't seen it before and thought it was quite good!

Well it's all quiet here at the moment - not sure how long for! must remember that the clocks change tonight and we lose an hour's sleep :( oh well, at least nights will be lighter!

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Thanks for the tip about the pasta machine!! Knowing my luck the clay will stick in that aswell!!
I didn't like the film much - I htought it was all so weird compared to the old version and I prefer JD as Cap'n Jack Sparrow TBH!! ;-]