Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Again!

I do not know where time is going at the moment, we all got up late this morning - probably something to do with the clocks changing at the weekend, the morning wasn't as manic as normal, which i was quite glad about! Took the boys to school, then i have put washing on etc and i have just finished making a "handcrafted by" stamp for a friend to go on the back of her cards, it's just drying at the moment - once it is dry i will have a play and make sure that it stamps ok!
I have also just uploaded a new section in my SHOP for my Encaustic Art Work, I am gonna see if i can sell some of it..... if you want to have a look you can check it out HERE. I love making it, and always have some spares left over and rather they sit in the cupboard, would love others to enjoy them!
It's raining at the moment, so the tumbledryer is on again! these children cost us a fortune lol :)

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