Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back to School! Hoorah!

The boys go back to school tomorrow after 2 weeks "spring" holiday! I can't wait, the downside is I have had to do some cooking for sandwich boxes, which i love doing, just not the helpers that i tend to get these days and they are never content with what they are doing but want to do what one of the others is doing!

Anyway, i managed to make some flapjack, some small cakes - which i will ice later, a banana and nut loaf and a giant anzac bicuit, it was going to be lots of smaller ones, but to save time i just did one great big one instead and then i will chop it up once it has cooled! the loaf isn't on these pics as it's still in the oven as i type! - oooo loooks yummy!

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