Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you do?

Well, the holidays are now officially over, kids are back at school .......... but i have no interest whatsoever in crafting at this present moment in time!
What i do want to know tho is............... what do people do with all the stuff they have made, cards are easy i guess - there is always the odd birthday popping up now and again ..... but what about the ones that are made for challenges etc., are they sat unloved in a big pile or do you have a use for them? same goes for altered art stuff? what do you do with it all?


carolann said...

I generally make things for peeps so just have a pile of card but I save a fortune cos never have them to buy my dominoes I got the deep frames and have them on the bedroom wall.hope your mojo returns soon hun xxxx

Jane said...

Hi Sally
I tend to make most of my stuff for challenges and DT work, so I always have loads of stuff about. I tend to choose a charity and arrange to either meet or to someone who deals with the fundraising side of things for the charity. I donate it all basically!
Good question though, as I have often wondered this myself. Scrapbook pages and ATCs I always keep though!

Kate T said...

some in a folder and some i give to friends.
take care hun!
Kate xxx :-)

jan said...

most of it is for demo's - to bring in orders for more of the same The atc's i give to others and i keep the rest in a box to look through when my mojo deserts me

hope your mojo returns soon


Fiona Whitehead said...

Mine end up being clutter Sally -

kama said...

I used to have them in a pile "just in case" something came up that needed a card. It really cluttered down my space. But now I haven't used them for 1-2 years and since I've evolved so much in cardmaking I'm ashamed to send them out. So I have decided to make a nice decorated box for them and give it away to charity to sell (since there are quite a few x-mas cards there). That will be my Christmasgift to them. I have also filled the box up with prettier, more recent cards and all of those I made for challenges. I do keep those that won contests and those where I've tried a new technique etc.

I think this would be nice to do every year: save all of those challengecards through the year in a box and then give it away to charity just before Christmas.