Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chilly Tuesday!

It's rather chilly again here today, Baby V woke about 2am, which is a first cos she has slept through the past couple of weeks - hoping its just a growth spurt and she goes back to sleeping through lol The boys have been full on today - especially DS1, nothing changes there then, OH should be home frome work shortly, have just put the oven on, still have no idea what i'm gonna do for tea tho!
Can't wait till next Wednesday when they all go back to school/nursery! The Forum is a little quieter than normal this week, as a few of our members are away and making the most of the half term. Still getting a load of potential spammers that we delete straight away tho, think there was 22 this morning when i first logged on. I've been slowly having a tidy up of the Forum, sorting out areas that can stay or those that aren't being used fully and will go!

1 comment:

Julie said...

ooh lets hope it is just a growth spurt with little Violet .. I'm sure it is :)