Monday, October 22, 2007

Half Term Hell!!!

Well, i'm hoping it won't be! DS1 was up at the crack of dawn, and is being rather bossy to the others at the moment, i'm hoping it doesn't descend into fighting and squabbling! OH has just left for work, i've some of the dreaded "H" work to do, but that will have to be done around feeding Baby V and keeping the kids happy and not fighting!! Not much else planned for today really, the weekend was ok i guess, OH swept the chimney ready for a lovely fire when it gets chillier! watch the Grand Prix yesterday, shame that Lewis Hamilton couldn't quite make it - but that seems the way with British sports lately, they just can't finish the job!
The kettle went up the swanny Saturday night, so OH popped out to Argos yesterday and bought one of those Tefal Quick Cup thingys that heats the right amount of water for a cuppa in 3 seconds, suppose to be 65% more energy saving than boiling a kettle! we shall see :)

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