Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Right Sticky Mess!!

and.... not of the glue kind!! I decided i would try and make some honeycomb this morning, haven't made it since i was at home with my parents.. many moons ago - anyway i don't know what i did wrong but it didn't come out as planned... lol so instead used it for toffee apples for the kids!!! My mum has now pointed me in the direction for Nigella Lawsons version of it (apparently it was on her programme the other night) so i might try that next time, too busy being interrupted by the kids at the moment! I popped to Morrisons first thing this morning to do a bit of shopping with DS2 - it was heaving, i guess everyone had the same idea and decided to go get their rugby beer at 8am this morning!! at least we have a few bits and pieces now, as i wont be going shopping Monday as the kids are now off for the next week and a half!!


Storm said...

home made toffee yum. that should keep the kids quiet, one way or another, for a while.

theresa down under said...

i love homemade toffee Sally. Yummo. i have a great recipe for it somewhere here (laughing here)