Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maternity Questionnaire!

I had to chuckle yesterday, because in the post came this questionnaire about the post-natal care i have received after having Baby V! apparently they are asking 100 women in the area about the treatment/service they have received!!! Oh! deep joy, how i love these sorts of things, so i sat down with it last night and filled it in! most of my answers were"neutral" as they didn't apply to me because i had her at home! I always love the chance to give an opinion! :) and as the maternity service in our area is crap now that they have closed most of the maternity units, there aren't nearly enough midwifes left and it must be so off putting if you are a first time mum. I am soo glad that Baby V is the last edition to our family! goodness knows what it will be like in a couple of years time!


Emma said...

I agree. pre/post natal care and maternity wards or should i say lack of them are not what they used to be and i'd hate to be a first time mum in a year or two.

Julie said...

I suppose my care was ok but that was because I Was so closely monitored because of the pre eclampsia......I got quite attached to my midwives lol...don't know what it's like now though