Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tipping Down Tuesday

Well, it's pouring down at the moment, my girls are both asleep and i've just finished cutting out some tag blanks ready to make some toppers later. I thought i would make a start on some Christmas Tag Toppers, which i will hopefully sell on Ebay. We had another 20+ potential spammers sign up for Aunty's overnight, so i have just deleted them. I'm hoping to set up a page later with links to all the girl's blogs so they will be easier to find!!


Julie said...

I thought the spammers were few and far between now but obviously it's just that you and Rich are keeping on top of it.....grr at the spammers!!

crissi said...

Aw look at little violet bless.

how many spammers?

Rosie said...

Love the colour of your blog Sally!! And that pic of lickle Violet is gorgeous!!