Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Joys of Pets

or rather, the downside of pets. I love bunnies, always have and always will. Over the years we have had alot of bunnies, I think the most at any one time has been 7 and since having the children, haven't had as many, we only had one left and sadly, today she died, so Rich ended up digging a hole in the dark, deep enough that the dog doesn't dig her up!! she was a lovely grey mini cashmere lop and was 3 1/2 - which in bunny years, wasn't bad really! but we still have the dog and the cats (2) so that's enough pets for now!


Julie said...

big hugs ((((Sally)))) hope the children weren't too badly affected :(

Aunty said...

nope they were fascinated lol

Magickdiva said...

Oh Sally - so sorry about your bunny - its hard when a pet dies! Big Hugs