Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where's me Post Wednesday!!!!

Ok - the postal strikes are doing my head in, i'm waiting for bits and pieces to be delivered, i've sent things and it does my head in!!! surely with the amount of extra post being sent with the likes of Ebay and Ebid the Post Office is now earning enough money to pay it's staff a decent wage! Today things were suppose to be back to normal, so i was hoping that some of the things i am waiting for would be delivered! - were they - NO!! bloody junk mail, 3 days without post and what is the first thing we get - junk mail!! flippin typical, most of it ends up in the bin ready to be burnt (we seperate paper and card) fingers crossed i will get decent mail tomorrow!! ok todays rant over :) lol


Magickdiva said...

Hope you get some good post Sally - I'm nervous about sending any out in case it gets left in a bag log! And don't they realise we have CJ's and ATC's and important stuff like that to post! LOL!

crissi said...

I must admit i liked not having bills for a week LOL but not getting my craft stuff. Bloody pain