Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ebay for Christmas!

I decided to open my ebay shop again yesterday - just over Christmas to see how it goes. I had an ebay shop in the past, which did quite well, i haven't really used Ebay for a while , but it's worth a shot, if nothing else it will mean a bit more exposure. I have made a start on some Christmas Tag Toppers, i've decided to try and get ahead of myself a little bit this year so i am well prepared. My only trouble is that when i am feeling "creative" i can't get into my office because of the children, so have to wait until Rich comes home and the eldest 3 have gone to bed and once baby is settled, which sometimes ends up about 10pm! then i don't really feel like doing anything! or i have to wait until a Wednesday or Friday, when DD1 is at nursery and the boys at school and hope that DD2 will settle for a decent amount of time to let me get on with anything!! Fingers crossed i will finish taking some photo's tonight and be able to sit down in front of Turbo Lister - but then again, maybe not!! .......... lol :)


crissi said...

I wondered what was going on this morning on the forum when you said about ebay i thought you had closed your shop, hope you sell loads and get loads a dosh.

Magickdiva said...

Made me tired just reading about all that - I don't know how you find any time to craft! Good luck with the ebay shop!