Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Having a Break

I'm having a break from making cards and papercraft at the moment and have been doing "other Stuff" instead. Here are a couple of my "other" creations! :)


Julie said...

They are fab Sally and that brown bunny just whispered that he wants to come and live with me :D

Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

These are fantastic Sally. Giving you a little wave 'cause I live not too far away from you in Trowbridge ! Feel free to email me if you like - my email address is in my profile.

Take care,

Jo x

kama said...

Are you sure that bunny waved to you? I got a feeling he waved to me ;)

Sally, where did you get the pattern for them? I would love to make one each for my fiancée's niece and nephew. So adorable!

Please contact me by writing a comment on my blog. Thank you



flati said...

These are fantastic Sally. The bunnys are so sweet, I love them....
Greetings from Germany
Hugs, Sonja xx