Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why do i do these things!!

I've got a few cross stitches on the go at the moment, one that has been on the go for years! lol and other stuff i'm planning to do when a friend asks if i could please finish a couple of tapestry's for her (her hubby started them, but sadly passed away before finishing them, and she would like them finished!).

I said yes (what else could i say!), as she said she had the wool and the patterns to finish them, only when she went to look she couldn't find the patterns or the right wool, so i'm having to do it without either! luckily she did have some wool and he had also managed to do the main part of the tapestry.

So the only thing i can really do is just fill in all around it in one colour! i've never done tapestry before but it's almost like cross stitch so not too bad! just hope it doesn't take me too long to complete cos i want to get on with my "other stuff" lol

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